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About Us


Flora (Interior and floral Designer)                                                                                   

We share a vision that embodies our different personalities, passions and experiences. We each dreamt of one day creating our own business that would enable us to channel our diverse skills into something beautiful. So DreamDayEventDesign was  born!

   It is SO important to be in love with what you do! We are passionate and driven planners and stylists.

Be true to who you are.

   Your wedding planner should offer you more than simply being efficient and well organised.

It is not about following trends or even creating new trends for others to follow.

   Your individual story and personality as a couple needs to be infused into your wedding day; creating something breathtaking, meaningful, authentic, simple, natural and unforced.

   On your wedding day you want to feel confident, comfortable and at home in your surroundings.

You don't believe in mimicking others.


Our vision is to create something original.

Purple Themed Wedding
Purple Themed Wedding
Purple Themed Wedding

       Lete (Graphic Designer)

The Small Details

Weddings should be romantic as opposed to stressful; which all too often is the case. You should be able to enjoy every little moment of and leading up to your wedding.

The feel of the table linens, the sound of the music, the taste of the food, the smell of fresh flowers, the moments...both of you should be able to treasure all of these things and more.

You don't need to worry about the details.  

That is what we do.


Elegance over opulence.

There is something incredibly beautiful in simplicity; all the little details that complement each other and come together to create something truly spectacular and luxurious.

It is this ethos that will underpin our design concept for your wedding. 

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