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Ocean Blue with Corals Romantic Wedding Inspiration in Greece

Modern brides who are getting married in Greece have one big dream. Almost all of them wish to have a romantic wedding next to the ocean blue hues of the Mediterranean Sea. Greece has 6,000 islands and islets scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which 227 islands are inhabited. This is an utterly unique phenomenon and offers the best scenery for creating an unforgettable wedding.

This unique wedding photoshoot is by far the ultimate wedding inspiration captured by Fiorello Photography. The Dream Day Event Design team knows how to make a bride happy. We designed a breathtaking wedding theme that embodies the true essence of a modern wedding perfectly blended with the romance of coral sculptures and air plants, in front of the majestic beauty of the Aegean Sea ocean blue.

When fine elegance dances with pure love for beauty then the result can be only as astonishing as this! The chic combination of blue hues with the white palette adds to the modern table design a breathtaking style. You won’t be able to take your eyes of these amazing floral arrangements next to the handmade corals that look as if Poseidon placed them on the table. Wait no more, visit now the full gallery and lose yourself in this wedding photoshoot.

Dream Day Event Design

Dream Day Event Design is a full-service wedding planning agency located in Athens, but our team provides its services all over Greece. The creative minds behind the design and coordination of everything are the experienced wedding planners Flora and Lete. They are specialized in planning and creating destination weddings and elopement ceremonies for couples who want to tie the knot in Greece.

Flora and Lete, Founders of Dream Day Event Design: We believe the great design should be timeless and unforgettable. We prefer to use eco-friendly elements and out of the ordinary design for our weddings. We adore plants and all shades of blue because they bring something of the Cycladic air with them. Although the off-white color palette is our basic canvas. We love to mix all shades of blue and natural hues in our wedding themes. We have an eye for detail and especially a soft spot in our hearts for lace details. In our weddings, you will always find a hint of a romantic mixed with minimal lines on top of our tablespaces. As you can see, the sharp lines of Eucalyptus combined with the seductive beauty of Serruria, Niobe Protea, Prickly Pear and Tillandsia Xerographica Air plant add a gorgeous yet earthy look to the wedding theme.

All our brides & grooms know how much we care for them and for every detail on their wedding day. Although we respect tradition, we nurture a more personalized approach for each wedding. We prefer to help the couple’s personal style shine bright on their wedding day!

We designed this styled shoot having in our minds that natural elements add class and timeless elegance. We treated the styled shoot like a real wedding happening in Greece. We know how important it is to present a wedding theme as if we had to plan & organize a real wedding. Because in a way it really is!

A styled shoot needs the exact same organizational and creative skills as a real wedding. We were blessed to have the support of top tier vendors involved in this amazing project. We wouldn’t have made it without the professional team of experts on our side:

Planning, design, styling: @dreamdayeventdesign Venue: Athens Riviera Photography: @fiorello Stationary: @atelier_invitations Art de la table: @white_lilac_rentals Glassware: Personal Collection @amalkythnos by Exantas Home Florist: Fofi flampouri florist designer by @fiore_arte & @dreamdayeventdesign Wedding Dress: @verapaul_bridal Makeup & Hair: @michalistsotras Bridal Shoes: @katerina_savrani Groom’s Attire: @prince_erotokritos_atelier Wedding Cake & Catering: @begniscatering Furniture: @loizoshouserentals Models: @dianachem @fefes__ WP Mentoring: @evolveweddingretreat Sponsorship: @amalkythnos Media & SEO Copywriting: @aretivassou

Intimate Romantic Wedding

We wanted to have the ceremony space as close as possible to the seafront. After all, it was all about a romantic wedding next to the sea! The size and shape of the wedding arch were intentionally designed to look like half-moon phases. Finding the perfect balance between the right combination of flowers and great design is always a priority for us.

Our vision was of a couple having an intimate wedding in Greece but without sacrificing the sense of a stylish yet luxurious wedding day. We wanted the ocean blues of the Aegean Sea to make a strong statement, therefore we let it unfold in the wedding invitations and all the wedding decorations.

All weddings deserve to be magical... We are here to make your dreams come true!

Wedding Inspiration in Greece

Monika Kritikou, founder of Fiorello Photography: When the wedding planners present to me their idea for this styled shoot of a romantic wedding in Greece adorned with unique handmade corals and plenty air plants, full of ocean blue hues and stylish off-white details, I instantly fall in love with the theme. When an idea and a mood board are so stunningly beautiful you can’t wait till the moment you start capturing this inspiring wedding styled photoshoot. From the very beginning, we knew that the goal of this shoot was to inspire soon-to-be-married couples with the hidden beauty of natural elements. Truth be told it’s not easy to create a timeless summer-inspired look with only handmade corals and air plants, but the Dream Day Event Design team knows how to set up a breathtaking wedding day. Flora and Lete embodied the grace of Greek summer afternoons with a dose of classical elegance based on the beauty of the Aegean Sea. How not to mention the incredible wedding dress by or the wedding cake by and the majestic Art de la table by Flora and Lete coordinated all the little details and made something magical.

Wedding Vendors in Greece

Planning, design, styling: Photography: Flowers: Fofi Flampouri florist designer by fiore_arte & Stationery: Art de la table: Wedding cake & Catering: Furniture: Groom’s Attire: Prince Erotokritos Atelier Bridal dress: Makeup & Hair: Bride shoes: Models: Diana Chemeris | Konstantinos Fefes WP Mentoring: Sponsorship: Media & SEO Copywriting:


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