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The 2021 Wedding Dress Trends You Need to Know · No matter what type of wedding you're planning.

Over the past year, the wedding-world has been a topsy turvy one. Nuptials, if not outright cancelled, have been rescheduled and reimagined due to the pandemic. But it hasn’t all been bad. As people pay less attention to the wedding industry and put more emphasis on what suits them as a couple, bridal fashions have never been so modern. these are the 2021 wedding dress trends to know. Read on to get the deets on what's hot now—and how to pull it off.

Shorter Hemlines

Short, high lo & midi - there was an abundance of dresses with shorter hemlines amongst the collections this year. Pair with a killer veil and you're all set for your Micro Wedding! We are thrilled with Viktor & Rolf this season. I can’t imagine how breathtaking it’s going to be in person! Perfect for a fashion-forward bride who wants to bring the drama!

Spotted at: Viktor&Rolf

Wedding Suits

Suiting is back with a bang and it’s bringing ultra feminine cuts and perfectly tailored trousers allowing 2020 brides to show off statement shoes. We’re obsessed with these clean lines and can’t-look-away structure of these wedding suits.

Spotted at: Sophia Et Voila


Going grand used to be about all-over lace, and intricate embellishments —but in a year were production was slowed by the pandemic, designers took to expressing themselves with layers upon layers of ruffles in silk, tulle and taffeta that are no less of a statement. If ever there's a time to indulge your inner hopeless romantic, your wedding day is it—and it doesn't get more romantic than this frilly, ultra-feminine detail. A ruffly skirt adds dimension to a mermaid silhouette, while a full skirt of frothy, cascading ruffles is equal parts whimsical and fashion forward.Blush was a trend ages ago; then, it became a mainstay for the aisle, followed by shades of ginger and champagne. Now, we're seeing cooler shades of pistachio, dove, lavender, and sky blue in all forms, from full ball gowns to flirty frocks

Spotted at: millia london by Paula-Walsh-Photography-Milia-London-Shoot

Bridal Capes & Overskirts

The traditional veil moves aside for this latest 2021 wedding dress trend- the bridal cape, and overskirt! These soft and ethereal pieces add sophistication and statement, without ‘overcomplicating’ your bridal look- making them a wonderful alternative to the veil! Plus, most of the overskirts and capes are detachable, giving you two gorgeous looks to play with!

Spotted at: naeemkhan

How to choose a wedding dress that’s right for you

So now that you’re all clued up on the incoming wedding dress trends for 2021, how do you go about finding ‘the one’ that’s right for you?

Start early

Some brides underestimate just how early they need to begin shopping for a wedding dress. Ideally, you’ll want to be getting into boutiques around 9 to 12 months before your big day. This is to allow adequate time for your dress to be ordered in and for any alterations you may need to have made. It helps if you have already booked your wedding venue too, as this will likely influence the kind of dress you decide on.

Gather inspo

Instagram, Pinterest, real weddings… there are loads of places you can gather inspiration for your dream dress. It’s best to keep any images in one place, i.e on a Pinterest board, Instagram Archive or in designated folder in your phone’s camera roll. Once you’ve added a wide selection of dresses you can begin the eliminating process to get a clearer idea of what you like.

Know what you like and what you don’t

Here’s where a good old fashioned list comes in handy! While gathering inspo, jot down what you like as you go, and make a note of what’s a big no no. The clearer you are on the type of dress you want, the easier it’ll be to communicate that to your shop assistant when you go to a boutique.

Don’t bring everyone you know

The saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ could also apply to wedding dress shopping. Too many opinions can be overwhelming for a bride and turn dress shopping into a negative experience. Bring along a small selection of people who know and love you and will gently give you their honest opinions.

We've looked to the latest bridal, ready-to-wear, and Haute Couture collections to help you navigate your wedding wardrobe for next year's nuptials. From new silhouettes to fresh takes on color and trends past, consider this the fashion bride's guide to dressing for 2021 weddings.


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