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Why you need to create a wedding website?

With so much technology available to help simplify the wedding-planning process, it is often a foregone conclusion that every couple will create a wedding website. However, not everyone wants to publish their nuptial details for everyone to read. We dive into the issue and weigh in on whether or not you need to create a wedding website and what to consider.

So if most people you know have an email account and are checking their computers, smartphones or tablets as often as it seems, it kind of makes sense to create your own wedding website.

A personal wedding website is a website created by an engaged couple. Its primary purpose is to act as a central hub for your guests to access information about your wedding day or weekend. Typically, wedding websites include details on the date, location, travel plans, and even the dress code for your wedding. Modern updates to these websites—like tracking RSVPs—are also backend tools that can aid in the planning process.

Creating a space online and sharing the URL on your save the date cards and wedding invitations is a definite must for any 21st-century couple who wants to make putting together their big day just a little bit easier.

Wedding resources like the Knot, WeddingWire and Zola allow couples to create personalized web pages for free. Their standard templates are easy to use

So if you’re finding it difficult to stay organised when it comes to planning your wedding, you might just want to consider a wedding website to keep you feeling in control!

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