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Wedding on Sifnos greek island!

The choice are many more than the Greek islands. Greece offers so much inspiration on designing your wedding scheme everywhere you look. The blue sky, the unspoiled beaches, the magnificent view, the good weather, the bright sun and the authentic local food.

If you are thinking about a destination wedding in Greece but you aren’t sure about what to choose, we will definitely recommend Sifnos island. Sifnos is located in a group of islands called Cyclades in the Aegean sea. You can have from a glam or classic wedding to a super modern beach wedding. Also there are plenty of villas in which you can have an amazing event. Exchange your vows under a wedding arch facing the sea and sit down to faboulous decorated tables for a Mediterranean wedding feast on the beach.

photo by mindartphotography

Married on sifnos island is something that you will never forget!!!


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